Your Planetary Spread

Your Planetary Spread
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Your Self Overall

The King of Wands

Passionate, a spry body and mind, honesty and friendliness.

Matters Concerning Your Home (The Moon Card)

The Eight of Wands Reversed

Delay seems probable. Jealousy may become a problem.

Matters Concerning Business, Skills and Integrity (The Card of Mercury)

Page of Cups Reversed

Obstacles and bad news. A lack of creativity. Deception.

Matters Concerning Love (The Card of Venus)

The Hanged Man

Spiritually wise and prophetic, the conquest of the worldly.

Matters Concerning Hostility, Opposition and Aggression (The Card of Mars)


This card represents the fulfillment of justice and balance.

Matters of Finance, Acquisition and Wealth (The Card of Jupiter)

Knight of Cups Reversed

Scrutinize all ventures and deals carefully. Lies, laziness and underhandedness are possible.

Matters of the Intellect (The Card of Saturn)


This card represents the power of your charactor, spiritual power defeating material desires and love over hate.

The Outcome

The Empress

This card represents wealth, marriage, fertility and creativity.